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Five Reasons Ductless Air Conditioners Work for Tiny Homes

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Trying to decide how to cool your tiny home? If so, split system air conditioning may be the best option. Here are the advantages you enjoy with this type of system:

1. No ducts needed

Split system ACs are also called mini ductless systems, and that makes them ideal for tiny homes because there is no need to add ductwork. Rather, these small units are designed to cool a single room or space like a tiny home. You simply put the AC unit in your tiny home and attach it to a small evaporator outside.

2. No floor space wasted

As a split system air conditioner fits onto the wall, you don't have to waste any floor space. Ideally, you should place it relatively high on a wall to optimise cooling, and you should not place it over your loft as it may make that small sleeping space too frigid while trying to cool the rest of the house. In contrast, a portable air conditioner, another popular option for tiny homes, does take up floor space.

3. No windows involved

Windows are an essential part of a tiny home, and if you want to maximise the light coming into your little home, you want to keep your windows free and clear of appliances like air conditioners. Additionally, you don't have to cut a large hole into the wall, as you do with a wall unit. Instead, you hang the interior unit on the wall in your tiny home and then, pass some piping through just a small hole in the wall to the outside unit.

4. Low power usage

Ductless units come in a variety of sizes and strengths. To cool a very small tiny home, you can typically use a unit that does pull a lot of power. If your tiny home is connected to main power lines, you don't have to worry about it. However, if you are living off the grid and using a generator or solar panels, a mini ductless unit can work with those setups because you don't need that much voltage.

5. Easy setup

Finally, setting up a ductless unit is relatively simple. In many cases, you can buy a kit and do it yourself. However, if you are planning on moving your tiny home, don't set up the ductless unit until you reach your destination. As part of the unit is outside, that can become cumbersome when moving the home. Luckily, however, if you set up the ductless unit and then decide to move your home, you can take down the unit fairly easily before you move the house and then connect it again when you reach your destination.