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Party Safety Tips for Teens: 6 Ways to Ensure Your Teen's House Party Is Safe

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If you have finally caved in to your teenage son or daughter's demands to host a house party at your home, you might understandably be worried about the outcome. If your child is over 18, alcohol will likely be involved. This fact alone is enough to make most parents cringe at the thought of the mess they might return home to later that night or weekend. However, no teen party-thrower wants their parents hanging around cramping their style during their long-awaited party.

Whether you choose to stay home or not during the party, safety should be your primary concern, especially where alcohol and teenagers are concerned.

If your home is soon to play host to a teen party, here are some safety tips to ensure the party runs smoothly as well as safely.

Register the Party with Local Police

Before the party begins, register it with your local police. They can provide you with tips, and they will be able to respond more quickly if things get out of hand, for example, if noise levels are unacceptable.

Enrol Your Teen in a First Aid Course

Make sure that at least one person at the party is trained in first aid and CPR. One-day training courses are provided by the Australian Red Cross and will provide your child with the skills necessary to give first aid if need be. This should be a priority if you have a pool at home.

You might also want to ask a friend or two drop by once or twice to check everything is okay during the party.

Plan a Buddy System for Drinking Safety

Working with the guest list, develop a buddy system. Pairing up teens gives them a sense of responsibility to each other, knowing that they need to look out for each other.

Invest in Some Fire Extinguishers

If you currently don't have many fire extinguishers, now is the time to invest in some. Place them throughout the house and remember to label them so the teens know which colour is used for which type of fire. For example, water based extinguishers are used for paper, furniture or wood, and powder extinguishers are meant for for textiles, gaseous fires, flammable liquids, and electrical equipment.

Have Existing Fire Extinguishers Inspected

If you already have fire extinguishers throughout your house, you should hire a fire extinguisher service to inspect them to ensure they are safe to use and reliable in the event of a fire. Commercial buildings with fire extinguishers are required by law to have their fire extinguishers inspected on a regular basis; however, for homeowners, the responsibility falls solely on your shoulders. Arrange for a professional inspection before your teen's party, and then you should ideally arrange an inspection of your fire extinguishers once every 6 months. Click to read more about fire extinguisher maintenance.

As long as you plan ahead, the upcoming house party needn't leave you cringing at the thought of what could go wrong. Instead, you could take the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and romantic meal with your spouse, knowing that you have provided your teen with a safe and secure environment in which they can celebrate with their friends.